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Dr.  Don Selvey

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Don Selvey, NMD, MS, PLLC

Dr. Selvey graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona, after a long and successful career in the medical device industry.  Dr. Selvey first earned an undergraduate degree in Biology from Arizona State University, followed by a graduate degree, also from Arizona State, in physiology; his research was on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Initially, Dr. Selvey worked in public health, becoming an epidemiologist with the Arizona Department of Health Services.  He first trained in infectious diseases, followed by environmental medicine focusing on environmental toxins such as pesticides, heavy metal poisonings, and aflatoxin.  

During this time, Dr. Selvey chose to devote some of his time teaching graduate courses in Public Health at Arizona State University and had several papers published in prestigious medical journals.

After a decade of public service, Dr. Selvey opted to work with an internationally-renowned designer and manufacturer of medical devices conducting non-clinical and clinical research into surgically implanted biomaterials for repair and reconstruction of severely damaged tissues.

Later, Dr. Selvey moved to Los Angeles to work with a start-up medical device company focused on the precision delivery of insulin to persons with Type I diabetes. He was very involved in external insulin pumps and supplies, the implantable insulin pump, and the continuous glucose monitoring system.

Dr. Selvey eventually returned home to Arizona, joining a new company focused on expanding the ability of hospitals and surgeons to provide the best possible surgical care with safe and effective surgical products.  In this role, Dr. Selvey was responsible for leading the company from “Concept” to the largest and most successful in the US for that type of product, which he accomplished in only seven years.

He is a 3rd-generation Arizona native; his grandparents migrated to Arizona around the time of World War I from Arkansas and Missouri. His parents were the essence of “blue collar” workers, and they instilled in him from an early age a work ethic, along with values for honesty, integrity, and respect.